ekseption is a professional skincare brand available in more than 45 countries. ekseption products have been designed to optimise the skin pH for an optimal skin renewal. The products are based on organic acids in synergy with powerful active ingredients. Each product is unique and helps restore healthy and glowing skin.

Products do not contain preservatives, ammonium hydroxide, tromethamine or other harmful buffers. The pH is stabilized with sodium lactate, a component of the natural moisturising factor with keratolytic functions.


Hydration sparkle

Ultra-refreshing & hydrating cream perfect for normal or oily/combination skin. It contains lactic acid and sodium lactate to increase the skins water level and reduce blackheads.

$56 / 50 ml


Ice cream repair

A light repair cream used at night after in clinic peels to restore the skins structure. It reduces redness, inflammation and stimulates cell renewal. Contains retinol, 5 growth factors, folic acid, acetyl glutamine, ATP and amino acid.

$68 / 50 ml


White-up sorbet

Anti-pigmentation treatment cream with tranexamic acid, hexyl resorcinol, vitamin E, and peptides. Evens the skin tone for a more youthful complexion and reduces rosacea and acne rosacea.

$68 / 50 ml


All-day shield

A chemical free SPF 50+ with ferulic acid and a natural sunscreen based on red algae extract, the most powerful UV-absorbing ingredient. Protects from photo ageing and DNA damage, and is formulated in a light and refreshing texture. Great for post peel procedures.

$59 / 50 ml


Age-less cocoon

Ultra nourishing anti-ageing treatment cream with hyaluronic acid, 3 peptides and polyhydroxyacids. Protects the DNA from damage to prevent skin ageing, reduces wrinkles and skin sagging.

$59 / 50 ml


Light serum with a powdery after-feel, based on retinol and vitamin E. It boosts the effect of resurfacing peels and is ideal for breakouts, open pores, and sun damage (wrinkles/skin discoloration).

$68 / 50 ml

Retin-oil Booster


All-in-one cleanse & peel

A cream cleanser for all skin types to remove make-up and impurities. It contains gluconolactone and sodium lactate to activate skin renewal and increase water levels.

$61 / 400 ml


Monsoon mist tone&peel

Ultra-refreshing and moisturizing toning mist with sodium lactate. It is slightly alkaline to produce swelling of the corneocytes and increase ingredient penetration. Does not contain alcohol.

$52 / 400 ml


Caviar liquid mask

A liquid mask with retinol and caviar extract, to speed up collagen and reduce protein cross-linking. It creates an invisible occlusive
layer over the skin to improve the penetration of acids.

$58 / 250ml

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